About us

Flooding specialist

Ever experienced flooding? Had the basement flooded after a heavy rain? Having to enter the garage in rubber boots because the water was up to your knees? Ever had your contents thrown away at the hands of flooding?

We have. And so do our customers. Or rather; our customers no longer.

In the years we have been operating as flooding specialists, we have seen it often enough. The power of water. The impact a flood can have. On materials. But certainly also on the people it happens to.

Because it can happen to everybody. Having to throw away the children's photo albums because they were stored in the garage or basement that suddenly flooded overnight. Watching with open mouth how much damage the water has done to your property. After all, the harm is done if there is no adequate solution at hand.

If there is one thing we at JK Flooding have learnt during our work, it is that prevention is always better than cure.


Our distributors

In case of interest or questions, please contact the distributors below:





Voogt Tools – www.mein-hochwasserschutz.ch


Carrowkeel Furniture – www.carrowkeelfurniture.com

Some satisfied customers

"This system completely exceeded my expectations! The high-quality materials and tools made the installation process a breeze. Even when we made a mistake during installation, they were willing to help. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable and solid system, without compromising on quality."
"Super work done! Everything fits perfectly and hopefully we won't have to use it often. Fast delivery and a top product. Definitely worth the investment!"