Don't count on sandbags

The JK House Protector is the smart solution to flooding. A water partition that you can easily install yourself without any modifications to your home! Sandbags are forever a thing of the past.

Advantages of JK-Houseprotector

Quick & simple
The JK House Protector is designed to provide a waterproof storm drain to buildings in a quick and easy way. No preparations, tools or assembly equipment required. The JK House Protector can be custom-fixed in no time.
Equipped with our own sturdy ALU profile and specially developed EPDM seals, ensuring a long service life.
Specifically designed for closing doorways and small garage doors up to 2500 mm, with possibility of customisation on request. Tailor-made to customer requirements, with widths up to 2500 mm and modular construction from 300 mm to 700 mm.

Installation of the JK-Houseprotector


Rubber profile

This versatile moss rubber EPDM profile is suitable for various applications, such as seals in the marine and automotive industries, and as protection for corners. The tread has a soft texture that moves well with you and is made of durable EPDM material that is resistant to UV, ozone and extreme weather conditions, making it long-lasting.

After using the house protector, the seals should be washed, dried and treated with silicone spray to maintain quality.